Buy original affordable paintings by Marrinda Herms

All these artworks are original and handmade by dutch artist Marrinda Herms.

“The different layers and colors represent the layers and colors in us as a human being. I love the use of bright colors, it makes me happy. We forget to enjoy life and I find so much joy in making these art pieces. It makes me happy and I forget about time. It’s like meditation.”

– Marrinda Herms


Perfection doesn’t exists | 80x120cm

1,250.00 650.00 incl. BTW

This is a piece of art of the new collection of artist Marrinda Herms called “Flowers bloom, people do too”.  A colorful collection About the way people should bloom like flowers do. It’s an Abstract painting combined with stencil art on canvas. It is unique and handmade.

You will receive this artwork without a frame.

The artwork is signed on the front, titled and dated on the back.

Freedom | 120x80cm | mixed media Out Of Stock

Freedom | 120x80cm

850.00 650.00 incl. BTW

A painting with the theme “freedom”.

“The moment you are unafraid of the crowd, you become a lion.”

The message is that you can follow your own path and not have to go along with the rest. When you can do that, you experience a certain freedom within yourself.


Fly to the moon | 100x100cm

650.00 450.00 incl. BTW

It’s a colorful painting Made with acrylic and oil paint. Finished with a layer epoxy so this painting has a glossy look.

King of the soul | 100x100cmKing of the soul by Marrinda Herms-1 Out Of Stock

King of the soul | 100×100 cm

650.00 450.00 incl. BTW

Its a Mixed media painting with lots of beads and other appilications on it.

“It’s less what the eye sees, and more of what the soul feels”

Size: 100x100x2cm on canvas

Original painting


Ego lion | 80×120 cm

850.00 650.00 incl. BTW

Original artwork of a woman, symbolized as a lion. It’s about the ego in yourself.

“Nobody can make you happy except yourself.”

Mixed media


Awareness | 80x120cm

650.00 450.00 incl. BTW

Het is een schilderij met zachte en lichte tinten. Het begon met een kolibrie als hoofdonderwerp welke telkens terug komt in het schilderij. De kolibrie staat symbool voor veerkracht en aanpassingsvermogen. Ook symboliseert hij de vreugde van het leven en de lichtheid van het zijn.

In de achtergrond zie je vaag een leeuw, welke symbool staat als een krachtig dier. Deze gebruik in meer schilderijen.

Origineel schilderij | 1 exemplaar


Haute couture Angel | 100x170cm

2,600.00 1,900.00 incl. BTW

A very big colorful angel. It’s a Mixed media painting with a lot of pearls, beads, feathers, fabrics and paper.

It took me 3 months to finish this piece. It’s Made on a heavy wooden panel.

Size: 100×170 cm


Decorate your ego | 100x120cm

1,250.00 850.00 incl. BTW

A beautiful Mixed media painting wit a lot of real beads, pearls and fabrics on it.

This painting is about how we decorate ourself from the outside, but our real beauty is from within.



Amsterdam | 100×100 cm

650.00 450.00 incl. BTW

Original mixed media painting of the houses in Amsterdam.
The painting is finished with a layer of epoxy. This gives a glossy effect.

Size: 100x100x2 cm on canvas